Local Meetings

Each state hold local quarterly meetings open to members and nonmembers. There is also a
bi-annual Roadshow held in each state which aims to bring MDRT’s Annual Meeting experience
to Australia as well as showcase some of Australia’s top speakers and producers.
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The MDRT Australia Roadshows is a major event held every two years. Its main purpose is to provide
those in the life insurance and financial services business with new ideas in marketing and sales techniques,
current technical information and motivational concepts. Roadshows are open to both members and
non-members of MDRT.

Roadshows are eagerly anticipate and well attended. At previous Roadshows, we have been honoured
to showcase some of the top producing international MDRT Members, all with one unified intention
– to share an array of sales and marketing ideas, concepts, insights and knowledge that can be applied
and adapted

Annual Meetings

The MDRT Annual Meeting has been described as a one-of-a-kind event, unrivaled in the world of business.
Every year, more than 6,000 of the world’s top producers gather in a spirit of camaraderie for one of the
greatest gatherings of financial services professionals in the world.

Annual Meeting attendees are exposed to some of the finest and most innovative sales ideas in the life
insurance-based, financial services business. The meeting offers about 100 speakers during its motivational
Main Platform presentations, educational Focus Sessions and insightful breakfast and evening sessions.
And, perhaps most importantly, members can network with other top financial services professionals
from around the world, building friendships that last a lifetime.

Why I Go To The MDRT Annual Meeting


Top of the Table Annual Meetings

The purpose of the Top of the Table Annual Meeting is to provide an annual educational meeting for the
exchange of advanced sales ideas and for the development of interpersonal relationships among leading
financial producers who are Top of the Table members. During the four-day meeting, about 40 professional, nonmember and Top of the Table member speakers discuss subjects of vital concern to those in the
life insurance and financial services industry.


Experience Meetings

Every two (2) years MDRT hold a composite meeting in the Asia Pacific region. The purpose of this event is
to bring MDRT’s Annual Meeting experience to producers in other countries. This event, modeled after MDRT’s prestigious Annual Meeting, delivers cutting-edge sales techniques and ideas, technical information and motivational concepts for those in the life insurance and financial services business. The MDRT Experience
is open to both MDRT members and nonmember producers.

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