“I attended my first MDRT annual meeting in Anaheim in 2012 and I was blown away by not only the professionalism, quality and magnitude of the meeting, but also the willingness of fellow MDRT advisers to share their secrets of success, many of whom are now close friends. As a younger adviser, my involvement with MDRT has helped me develop both personally and professionally, and has provided the confidence and inspiration to take the next step in my career.”

Adam Morse CFP® – 3 year member


“It is an unbelievable resource of education, motivation and practice building ideas. MDRT represents the pinnacle of financial planning advisers in the world. It gives me the opportunity to mix with like minded professionals from over 60 countries”
Graham Poole – 30 year member

“I enjoy meeting very successful advisers from many countries who are prepared to share and educate their formulas for success. Also MDRT keeps me motivated and enthused during the year”

Darryl Elsley – 34 year member

“MDRT has lifted my business to a much higher level of production. Most of my sales and marketing successes came from MDRT. My financial planning business would not be where it is today without MDRT”

Phil Campbell – 18 year member

“MDRT allows me to learn from the best in the industry. They provide excellence in practice management, cutting edge sales ideas, whole person quality of life, business insurance, motivation and inspiration.”

Godfrey Phillips – 21 year member

“My association with MDRT has had a major influence on both my business and personal life. From a business sense MDRT has broadened my vision and taught me the strengths of discipline. Personally, MDRT has taught me that a successful life away from business, through family and friendship is more important than any business achievement.”

Ross Vanderwolf – 22 year member